FocusED will help you!
Torn between work and school for your child?
You can't add more hours to the day. FocusED is the next best thing. Get started for free
Homework is hard for children, and parents find it difficult to sit with the child and monitor the progress of work
FocusED - is an app that helps parents to track homework progress of their child
Improves the child's learning process

Makes it easier to check homework

Shows the time spent doing homework
Help with the homework implementation process
Track the progress of the assignment and, if necessary, help your child.
Find tutors online
Don't have time to help your child on your own?
Use the services of our database of professional tutors who will help with specific questions regarding the lesson.
Check the child's homework wherever you are
It doesn't matter where you are: in the office, on a business trip or away, you can always be calm. All the child's tasks will be available to you in one place for easy checking.
Follow the progress of the homework
Receive notifications about new tasks, the progress of their completion, and the time spent on the homework.
FocusED makes homework easier and
families happier
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